Uniform Collaborative Law Act

On May 1st I went to Lansing to testify on behalf of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (“UCLA”). I testified in my role as President of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan (“CPIM”). The UCLA has been passed in seven states and the District of Columbia. It is currently pending in eight states, including Michigan.

Whenever a law is entitled “Uniform” it means that it has been proposed by the Uniform Law Commission. This means that a national organization has reviewed an act and recommended it be passed by the states. There are hundreds of Uniform Laws. The advantage to having Uniform Laws is that then the laws are consistent between states. Also, this organization closely analyzes all of the proposed uniform acts very carefully. It brings in diverse experts in their area of the law to carefully review every provision. It is safe to say that no proposed Uniform Act is ever presented without it having been very carefully reviewed. Usually the people being consulted have to give and take to get an act that can be supported by everyone, or nearly everyone, but every word is looked at by many people.

CPIM’s support of Michigan’s Collaborative Law is from its inception. CPIM played a major role in the tweaking of the Uniform Act for Michigan and shepherding it through Lansing. We are cautiously optimistic that it will be signed into law this year. Hopefully before summer break.