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Uncontested Divorce: What You Need to Know

Our team follows a simple commitment with every person we meet: we are determined to find the best legal solution for your family. Each case is unique, so our first step will always be to get to know you and your story. If there are no unresolved or disputed issues between you and your spouse, an uncontested divorce may be an option. Here are the fast facts:

 What do we considered an “Uncontested Divorce”?

An uncontested divorce essentially means that you and your spouse agree on all the terms of the divorce. Some of the key issues include child custody and support, insurance coverage, tax deductions and exemptions, alimony and division of marital assets. This list is not inclusive and a disagreement on any issue relevant to your divorce may will lead to it being considered “contested”. Working with an experienced divorce attorney for your uncontested divorce can save you time and money.

What is Included?
To help make the process easier for you and your spouse, we charge a flat fee for an uncontested divorce. This fee covers the following:

  • Preparation of the initial documentation
  • Filing fee (this fee varies depending on if you have minor children)
  • Preparation of Consent Judgment of Divorce, Uniform Child/Spousal Support Orders and Domestic Relations Judgment Information forms
  • Discussions and contacts with the parties to prepare initial paperwork and Judgment of Divorce
  • Motion fee for pro confesso hearing (the final hearing at which time the court will enter your final Judgment of Divorce)

Along with the time and responsibility saved from managing all the required documentation, you also have the assurance that all paperwork is done properly, saving potential future headaches.

What if my Divorce becomes Contested?

If the uncontested divorce becomes contested at any time,you would be able to retain your lawyer, though the litigation proceedings would no longer be covered under the flat fee.

How Do I Learn More?
The best thing to do is start the conversation with our team! Let us know in your first email that you may be interested in an uncontested divorce, and we will explore the options during our initial consultation. You can also prepare yourself by learning more about some of the other options for handling your case, such as Collaborative Divorce. We look forward to hearing from you!