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Thank you so much for everything! You made a difficult process much more bearable by being kind, caring, and helpful.

Kerry K.

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“I am very appreciative of Erica’s support, professionalism and the Collaborative process. It was still deeply painful, but I am grateful that I could be who I am through the process – that I did not become hard, bitter and mean. I walked away with my head-up. Thank you!”

S.M., Ada, MI

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I am truly grateful that Jennifer Johnsen was recommended to assist me with my QDRO settlement. Her expertise was evident in what could have been a confusing and frustrating matter. She proved to be highly knowledgeable and knew exactly how to efficiently process what needed to be done. She continually updated me through each step in a prompt and proactive manner. She was patient to explain things so that I could understand them. Jennifer’s communication skills are excellent. I highly recommend Jennifer’s excellent and professional service. I only wish we had connected sooner…I believe this whole divorce process would have been much less stressful.


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Jennifer was the compassionate and knowledgeable person I needed during my divorce and QDRO settlement. It was the most difficult time that I have experienced in my life and she helped clearly guide me step by step through the entire process. She has great communication skills and is very understanding when it comes to all the questions you need answers to. She gave me the stability I needed during the most unstable time of my life through her expertise and communication every step of the way. I highly recommend this firm and will always remember the excellent service that they provided for me.


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This ends with happiness!!!

It was daunting to have to find a lawyer to help me through the most difficult time in my life. Erica was welcoming and not intimidating especially on my first visit with her, when I was still searching for representation. She made me feel comfortable when discussing private matters and truly fought for my best interests and what was best for my girls and I and our future. She supported me through the whole process and kept me updated continually through all of the steps and procedures, especially when I had questions. I would highly recommend Erica. She listened to my wants and needs and put these into action, keeping my best interests in mind the entire time. I made it through the most difficult time in my life and now I can move on thanks to her efforts!


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Erica was a voice of reason. When I wanted to go in to court with “guns a blazin’”, Erica would say, “well, we can do that, but it will cost you a lot more and the end result won’t be different”. She was talking me off the ledge during the entire process and really eased the journey through the divorce.

I had originally hired Erica because I wanted a collaborative, gentle divorce for both my ex-wife and me. My ex-wife had an entirely different direction, though. She wanted it to be as difficult and painful as possible. Erica was able to use her collaborative skills on me while fighting for my rights against my ex-wife.

I’m not sure any divorce is easy, but Erica made it as painless as possible.

Dave, Alto, Michigan

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My divorce and subsequent custody situation have been very painful and difficult experiences in my life. Even though I had moved to the other side of the state when I separated from my husband, I still chose to file my case in Ottawa County, just so I could have Jennifer Johnsen as my attorney. Over the past three years Jenny has been, and continues to be, an invaluable advocate and mentor for me. She takes the time to really understand what it is that I as the client needs, and works to keep the best interest of my daughter as the top priority. Her dedication to me and my daughter makes me feel as though my custody situation is just as important to her, as it is to me. With my daughter having health complications, my custody situation has resulted in needing very frequent communication with Jenny. Jenny and her assistants are very accessible to me, and always respond in a respectful and supportive way. My case has also posed needing to think “outside of the box” on numerous occasions. With each of these situations, I am always well informed by Jenny and feel that I am able to make the best possible decision. Whether it is in or out of the courtroom, Jenny has proven to be highly knowledgeable giving trustworthy legal advice, possesses the highest level of professionalism and has a great attention for detail. Even though going to court is beyond stressful for me, having Jenny sitting next to me in the courtroom always gives me some mental comfort, and the strength to make it through it. I am eternally grateful for all of the work that Jenny has done for me, much of it under difficult circumstances to say the least, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in the midst of a divorce or custody dispute.

Michelle, Mayville, Michigan

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Facing a divorce is never an easy thing, especially when it is unexpected. I had interviewed a few divorce lawyers in the area; however, I received glowing recommendations from a couple of my co-workers. I called and set up and appointment with Erica. My biggest concern regarding the divorce was how it was going to affect my children. When I arrived at the firm’s office, there was a sign that said “Children are more affected by their parents behavior during a divorce, than the event of the divorce itself”. I realized at the single moment that all my anger was simply wasted energy and that I needed to re-direct this energy elsewhere. Erica and I sat in a conference room, for what must have been 2 hours, and talked about my options and how things could be handled. I knew from that moment I wanted Erica and her firm to represent me. She didn’t just talk about how to stick it to my ex, but how to get through this divorce and make sure I was able to take care of my girls. She suggested a “collaborative divorce”. After discussing it with my ex and finding out his lawyer also handled collaborative divorces, we decided this would be the best route and would cause the least amount of harm to the girls. Throughout my entire divorce, I realized that Erica didn’t just want to make sure the divorce went through, but she also cared about me as a person. Whether it was a warm smile or a gentle pat on the back when I had trouble handling things, she made me realize that I wasn’t alone and that she was there to help me. My divorce is now final, and I can’t thank the entire staff enough. From the warm welcome I always received from Jane, the legal assistant, to the rather smooth process of my actual divorce, I can honestly say that I would not be in the place I am. I am so thankful to have found this firm and very grateful for all of the work put into my divorce and eventual estate planning.

Joy, Grandville, Michigan

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Erica did a fantastic job in representing me with both divorce and child support related matters. She was very professional and very knowledgeable about all of the necessary issues involved. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a divorce attorney.

Kurt, Rockford, Michigan

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Divorce is never easy or simple…but, I was very fortunate to have Erica Auster as my Attorney. I knew from our first meeting that I made a good choice for an attorney. Erica listened to all of the information, provided me with facts and options. She allowed me time to consider all of the information so I could make the best informed decision. Her communication and responsiveness was exceptional and this helped keep the stress to a minimum. While I would never wish divorce upon anyone, should you ever need a good attorney, I would highly recommend Erica Auster from West Michigan Divorce.

Laurie, Wyoming, Michigan

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I found Erica’s work to be very professional and would recommend her services to anyone who needs them in the future. The fact that she took the time to listen to me says a lot about her and how she conducts business. Organized, prepared, reassuring, informative and proactive are just a few words to describe the services I received from her and her staff. At the end of the day she gave me peace of mind and that was greatly appreciated.

Diane, Formerly of Grand Rapids, Michigan

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I found my experience with Erica to be a very positive one. She is professional at all times, but is also compassionate and understanding. I felt she really went the extra mile to support me through a very difficult period in my life.

S., Grand Rapids, Michigan