The Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Divorce

It is no mystery that divorce is a life-changing decision that requires extensive thought and contemplation. This is a decision that will leave a lasting impact on your life, and the lives of everyone else involved. 

However, compared to decades ago, divorce no longer carries an overly negative stigma. As an enlightened society, most people know that divorce is an appropriate means to escape a toxic, unhealthy, or even dangerous relationship. In fact, some researchers discovered that 40 to 50 percent of first marriages result in divorce.

During the decision-making process, there are a number of factors to consider. recently compiled a list of questions to ask yourself when determining whether divorce is the best option for you and your spouse.

One of these questions is “have you done anything to save your marriage?” In many cases, divorce should not be the first option on the table. Couples have many options, which include couples therapy, marriage counseling and more. If you have even a fleeting thought that you might be able to salvage your marriage, it is important to at least explore these routes before opting for divorce.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you are prepared, and financially able, to live on your own. Many spouses do not think of this beforehand, and after the divorce is final, they find themselves in a difficult position, emotionally and financially. It is important to be prepared for life after a divorce.

There are other questions that can help evaluate your marriage and determine if divorce is the best option. Has it been a long time since you have been affectionate with your spouse? Do they constantly irritate you? Do you argue daily or ever still laugh together?

These might be tough questions to come to terms with, but their answers can be revealing. Very few people want to admit that their marriage is a failure, but it can often be the best, and only, course of action. The primary takeaway should be to always approach a divorce prepared and with a level head.

Source:, “Thinking about getting a divorce? Ask yourself these 6 questions first,” Nicole Baras-Feur and Francine Baras, Jan. 26, 2015