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In most cases in Michigan, if a child custody determination has been made in your divorce, divorce modification or other case, you must follow specific rules and laws if and when you wish to move your child.

Because the laws governing a change of domicile can be complex, these cases often become contentious and diluted with emotions of the family members involved, especially if one parent opposes the move.

At Johnsen Wikander, P.C., we look out for the best interests of you and your child, whether you are working to move your child or you are trying to stop a relocation.


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More than 30 combined years of family law experience have given us an in-depth look at how change of domicile cases affect families. While we always strive to protect the children involved in each case, we found that when parents are able to efficiently communicate with one another the reason for relocation, everyone involved in the case has a better understanding, agreements are made more amicably, and the future relationship between parties is less strained.

If you do plan on moving your child, you must remember:

  • Most cases will require a court order or consent of the other parent to move out of state with your child; and
  • Most cases will require a court order or consent of the other parent to move 100 miles or more from your current residence

The court makes a decision regarding your petition for relocation after considering the best interests of your child, a reasonable alternative parenting time schedule, the reason for the move and the financial situation of the other parent. Let our Michigan lawyers help you prepare for your change of domicile and understand what you need to take into consideration before you move or if you are opposing a relocation.