General Divorce

General Divorce

Grand Rapids Divorce Lawyer

Many people facing divorce and family law disputes find themselves with an abundance of important questions and often have a difficult time finding the right person with the knowledge and experience to provide honest and transparent answers.

  • What is the difference between divorce and separate maintenance?
  • When should I request alimony or spousal support?
  • Isn’t there a six-month minimum cooling off period if there are minor children involved?
  • Are divorce cases automatically referred to mediation?
  • When should I hire a divorce lawyer?
We are proud to be your trusted source for honest answers and suggested solutions to Grand Rapids Divorce matters. Our forward-thinking divorce attorneys represent men and women who welcome an approach to divorce that is focused on the future, not the past.
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Whether you are seeking separate maintenance or a traditional divorce, whether your case involves an issue of alimony or spousal support, custody disputes or disagreements or division of marital assets and debt, we are here to assist you with all aspects of the case.

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Property Division and the Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets

One unique areas of focus within our divorce practice is our progressive and approach to marital property division, including, when necessary, the investigation and evaluation of:

  • Hidden assets
  • Investments such as stocks, bonds and securities
  • Family-owned businesses and other business assets or interests
  • Pensions, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and other retirement assets
  • Inheritances and trusts

Michigan law follows the equitable division of marital property approach. This means that, no matter who is at fault in a divorce, the marital property and assets are divided equitably, and while equitable doesn’t always mean exactly one-half, the divorce court is not a punitive court and strives to divide estates fairly based on the unique circumstances present in each case.

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