Mediation in Unique Circumstances

On April 25 and 26 of this year, I took 16 hours of advanced mediation training regarding adult guardianship/elder care issues. It was a fascinating training. It was designed to help families where the parent or parents are having difficulties. It may be simply difficulties associated with old age all the way to situations where parents were virtually totally incapacitated with Alzheimer’s or other end-of-life diseases.

It was clear that this is an area with which many families will struggle. When problems reach the point where litigation is being considered, mediation should certainly be part of the discussion. The courtroom is not a place to air and resolve family issues.

However, it was also clear from the training that this is a very difficult area. I am committed to expanding my practice in this area, but I will only do so if there is another experienced mediator to assist in the mediation. These situations often involve years of personality clashes, hard feelings, senses of entitlement, and a feeling of unfairness. In order to be attentive to everyone’s needs it really takes two experienced mediators.

– Randy