Hillary Clinton’s Marital Solidarity Could Inspire Other Politicians

Donald Trump has been divorced twice. On the other hand Hillary Clinton stood by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, during his extra-marital affair in the late 90s. However, there is another couple in America’s political landscape whose marriage survived divorce. Huma Abedin has not divorced her husband, Anthony Weiner, despite his multiple sex scandals. Though they’ve undoubtedly had their difficulties, their marriage’s fortitude may be the key to Abedin’s future in politics.

Abedin and Clinton

Vanity Fair recently wrote about the documentary film Weiner. However, instead of focusing on the titular Anthony Weiner’s sexual exploits, the article focused on Abedin’s relationship with Clinton as depicted by the film. William Cohan, the author of the Vanity Fair piece, said that the documentary shows Abedin as someone who avoids speaking in public. Despite this, she has been seen advising Clinton during key political events, including “whispering in [Clinton’s] ear during the 11-hour Benghazi hearing.” Cohan even described Abedin as Clinton’s “confidante,” predicting that Clinton may appoint Abedin to a political office if she is elected president.

Abedin and Anthony Weiner

Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, but left West Michigan at the age of two for Saudi Arabia. She and Anthony Weiner met while he was working with New York Senator Chuck Schumer. However, Abedin has worked for Clinton since 1996. Despite her relationship with Clinton, Abedin may be more closely associated with her husband than her own political career.

Weiner’s first scandal happened when he was a congressman in 2011, only a year after he married Abedin. A lewd photo appeared on Weiner’s Twitter account, which he later confirmed was due to inappropriate relationships he’d been having with women online. Weiner and Abedin found out that they were having a child a week later. The couple stayed married despite the scandal.

Standing By Your Unfaithful Man

New information regarding Weiner’s scandal surfaced in 2013 after he announced he was running for mayor of New York City. With all of the infidelity, a major question on the minds of many was why the couple never divorced. One could infer that having a child contributed to their staying together. However, Cohan points out an interesting correlation between Abedin and Clinton: they both stood by their husbands during sex scandals.

Clinton endured the public’s reaction to her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. The affair occurred when Abedin was in her early 20s, while she was just starting her career with Hillary Clinton. Abedin would have seen Clinton’s public loyalty towards her husband. The former first lady instead chose to avoid divorce and advance her career in politics. Now, roughly twenty years later, Clinton is the presumptive candidate for the democratic nomination in this year’s presidential election. It may be a coincidence, but Abedin appears to be repeating Clinton’s marital solidarity amidst her own public scandal.

Michigan Has Its Own Scandals

Last year Michigan Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat were accused of using public resources to cover up an affair they were having with each other. Both Courser and Gamrat were married with children. Gamrat has threatened to divorce her spouse, while there appears to be no news of Courser doing the same. It seems that America is never short on political sex scandals. However, it remains to be seen, if Gamrat and Courser’s careers will survive the same way that Clinton and Abedin’s have. Only time will tell.

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