Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation that changes rules for establishing paternity for kids on welfare

Some new state legislation, recently signed into law by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, is poised to make a profound impact on how paternity is established within the state of Michigan for parents with children on welfare.

Governor Snyder, who signed 13 bills into law on Dec. 17, said that the aim was to keep the child support system in Michigan running smoothly, providing children and families with the resources they both need and deserve. 

The Detroit News highlighted a key provision within the legislation that set new rules on how paternity is now established when children are on welfare.

Under the provision, if a man is suspected of fathering a child that is currently on welfare in Michigan, then a prosecutor can order that individual to undergo genetic testing to confirm paternity.

The bills contained plenty of other notable legislation, including the fact that the benefits that come with the Family Independence Program could be denied to individuals that do not adhere to the child support requirements.

Other notable pieces of the legislation stated that:

  • Parents can now apply for alternative payment options that are monitored by the court if they are having a hard time meeting the current requirements.
  • The Office of Child Support will now have authority over the allocation of child support rather than the State Court Administrative Office.
  • The positive results of a genetic test were deemed a conclusive method of determining paternity.

As legislation pertaining to child support, child custody and paternity continues to evolve so must parents that are in these situations. When the game changes, you must stay up on current policies in order to comply with them and provide everything that is owed to a child.

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Source: The Detroit News, “Snyder OKs rule establishing paternity for welfare,” Gary Heinlein, Dec. 17, 2014