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Finding a Positive From Separation & Divorce

Ending a relationship, whether by divorce, death, or breaking up before marriage, is an incredibly difficult time. Every person heals differently, but certainly everyone has to navigate both emotional healing and significant daily life changes.

An Indiana woman recently found herself with a cancelled wedding just days before it was set to take place. Amidst all the phone calls, cancellations, and emotions felt during a time she described as “devastating,” she found the opportunity to do something positive with her situation.

An Act of Charity
The planned wedding reception, a $30,000 extravaganza, was bundled in a non-refundable contract with such a short cancellation. Rather than completely let the money and food go to waste, she decided to reach out to local homeless shelters. They worked together to arrange for two busses to pick guests up at different centers and bring them to the suburban venue. With only a few changes to the table setup, the guests were able to enjoy the night with a full food menu, including wedding cake.

Once the story was picked up by local media, other businesses in the area got involved. Many donated suits and dresses for those attending and helped with arrangements to make sure people could attend and enjoy the event. One attendee, having spent the past three months in a homeless shelter, said, “For a lot of us, this is a good time to show us what we can have… or to remind us what we had.”

The former bride-to-be still attended the ceremony with her mother, three bridesmaids and other family members to greet their guests.

A Lesson for All

The venue director said, while this was not the first cancellation right before an event, they had never seen anybody do something this charitable. The woman noted that she did not feel particularly generous, but grateful that she will have happy memories to pull from the occasion.

The same mentality can be a powerful starting point for anybody going through separation or divorce. Acknowledging that it is going to be a challenging time is perfectly acceptable, but finding opportunities to do something positive for yourself or your community can be of significant benefit.

Check here to see a photo slideshow from the event.