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Family Photos Remain Important for Divorced Couple

Part of our philosophy as divorce attorneys is to work compassionately with couples who are willing to work with each other. This looks differently for every case we handle, as every relationship is unique, and certainly does not always change or lessen the emotional wear and tear caused by a divorce.

One Alaskan woman has recently gotten a lot of attention for a non-traditional decision she made with her now ex-spouse following their divorce. Victoria and her former husband, Adam, have a son and continue to take photos together even though they have split.

Surrounded With Love

Victoria shared that the decision was motivated by their shared desire to be strong role models for their son, Bruce. The pair agreed when they divorced that they would always put their son first and value what each parent adds to his life. As she said, “We are not perfect co-parents… but he will grow up to see respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, perseverance, flexibility and even sacrifice being modeled by both of his parents.”

Adam noted that the decision to continue taking family photos was mutual, and they do not foresee the tradition changing. They have kept it up for two years now, and the photos are special to both of them and Bruce. Some detractors have told them their opinion will change if they enter new relationships, and Adam disagreed, saying, “We respect each other, we’re friendly, we do what we can for our son, and this is something that I believe we won’t change for anyone.”

The two also agreed that they have seen a positive impact on their son due to their co-parenting philosophy. He has continued to develop normally, and they believe that, by surrounding Bruce with people who love him, he will grow up to become a good person.

Communication is Key

While we do not know the details of their divorce case, it seems apparent that Victoria and Adam have mastered the art of effective communication. This is one of the key requirements for a Collaborative divorce, an area of our practice we think can benefit a lot of couples. A Collaborative divorce helps a couple avoid litigation and lessens the likelihood of future conflict by establishing clear communication with your former spouse.

We have worked with West Michigan couples through many Collaborative divorces that have a wide range of needs, situations and outcomes. If you think it could be the best solution for you, you can learn more and send us an email or call today!

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