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Divorce and Well Being

A study from the National Institutes of Health and other evidence shows that divorce may be necessary for the wellbeing of the individuals involved. There are times when the relationship between adults is frequently in conflict, and that can spill over into larger familial relationships, having a potentially negative impact on children, as well as the personal well-being of each spouse.

In homes where there is recurring conflict between spouses, children will observe how those conflicts are managed or mismanaged. This can put their development and wellbeing at risk. If the marriage involves  abuse (physical or otherwise), the unhealthy relationship between parents becomes that much more damaging than the effects of divorce.

Ending a marriage, even an unhealthy one, is very difficult. However, having the courage to recognize that a relationship is broken beyond repair then follow through to end the relationship can also be cathartic. Many people talk about a second lease on life when they leave a toxic marriage. A bad marriage makes for an unstable home, and this can translate to career damage and even erode non-romantic relationships. A crisis at home often spreads.

The good news is, with many resources to help in West Michigan, nobody is alone in trying to leave an abusive marriage. Our lawyers are all familiar with the different strategies for leaving an abusive or broken household, and West Michigan offers the YWCA and the Center for Women In Transition, among many other nonprofits, that are committed to helping people find and maintain positive mental health while going through a difficult family transition. One of the important things to remember is that, while various types of conflict and abuse might seem tolerable to an adult, it can put perceptive children at risk.

When the marriage doesn’t work, it’s hard to make yourself work. Rediscovering self, taking daily time for meditation and reflection, and especially letting go of bitterness and regrets, are all ways that divorce can rejuvenate one’s self. As difficult as the process is, it’s important to remember that divorce is an opportunity to discover what makes you truly happy. Significant change presents the opportunity to grow into the kind of person that was not possible when trapped in a bad marriage. This is where divorce can provide the opportunity to start and develop personal well-being.

There is a growing body of research that show, while children having a single parent is not  ideal, additional non-parental adult relationships positively help children find stability. The more involved single parents are with family and friends, the more they can provide their children the opportunity to engage and learn healthy behaviors from adults. This is often much more beneficial than a conflict-ridden household.

Having a trusted advisor to help navigate divorce and the change that comes with it is important. Contact us to find out how you can improve your wellbeing and that of your family.