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Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan

Last month I went to Lansing as President of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan which is the statewide organization for Collaborative professionals. I was there to testify in support of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. Three of us attended the State Senate Judiciary Committee meeting prepared to testify but our lobbyists informed us that we had all the votes we needed to pass the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. Our lobbyists told us there is an old saying, “When you have the votes, ask them to vote; if you do not have the votes, start talking.” Therefore, I did not testify. The bill was unanimously approved by the Committee and the next week it was unanimously passed in the Michigan Senate.

The law is now being introduced in the House of Representatives in Lansing. We are cautiously optimistic that it will past. If it passes it would be a good thing as more recognition of the Collaborative process will almost certainly result in more divorcing couples being given the option of proceeding in a more dignified, less damaging, and gentler process in dissolving marriages. Not all attorneys, and not all clients, are
“wired” for the collaborative process. However, those who can and do use the Collaborative Process are almost always better for it.