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Divorcing May Come With Health Benefits

Divorce can cause a lot of stress for separating couples. Many couples don’t divorce out of the blue either. There is often a period full of stress that precedes two people legally separating.  Scientists know that stress has adverse effects on the body and can cause individuals to neglect their health. However, a new study shows that men may be receiving hidden health benefits from negative relationships while women may experience the opposite.  Read more

New Study Shows The Health Impacts Of Divorce On Family

As parenting becomes hands-off and kids grow older, a child’s problems become more complicated. A study recently released by the University of Michigan investigated how adult children affect their parents. The results of this study showed that problems like divorce can lead to the children of a separating couple to have stress-related health effects. Although this study is from the University of Michigan, its impact can be felt in West Michigan and across the country.  Read more

How to Help A Friend who is Going Through a Divorce

When someone close to you is going through a divorce, it can be difficult to know how to best support them. Read more

Toxic Relationship Attorney

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Divorce often garners a negative stigma as the easy way out for couples that don’t want to put any time or effort into salvaging their relationships. However, in most cases, the relationship has been damaged beyond repair and divorce is the only viable option. The hard part is determining when a relationship is irreparable.   Read more


A recent article in the Grand Rapids Press involved the mother of a son who was killed by one of his friends. The death was accidental, although a direct result of some poor choices and “horse play” by the young men. The article discussed how the deceased boy’s mother had forgiven her son’s friend for her son’s death. In a somewhat ironic twist, she was not allowed to visit her son’s killer as it is violated prison rules since she was not a relative of the prisoner. Read more