3 Reasons to Hire A Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you may be wondering what the best course of action is when deciding to begin the divorce process. A “do-it-yourself” style divorce may be attractive, but could be done incorrectly, may result in an unfair settlement, or may simply not be an option depending on the state of the relationship. Making the decision to get legal representation is a smart choice for you; here’s why. 

Professional Advice

A lawyer has experience. Having someone familiar with the legal process, legal jargon, and negotiation strategies by your side can only benefit you. Grand Rapids attorneys are familiar with the divorce process in Michigan. They understand the implications of not getting a fair settlement, and it is their job to ensure you are prepared, informed, and most importantly, satisfied with your divorce settlement.

Your Situation is Unique

Each divorce is unique and has its own considerations. Many do-it-yourself divorce books or websites may not have the insight on Michigan-specific or situational-specific aspects of your divorce. Lawyers often specialize in different divorce situations like paternity, alimony, or division of large and unsecured debt. Hiring a lawyer to represent you based on their specialization is a smart call for ensuring your financial and legal safety.

Michigan Divorce Law

Every state has unique processes and requirements for filing divorce. For example, Michigan is a no-fault state. This means no one is to blame in order to prove that the marriage is over, but court decisions still rely on the situational causes of the split. Having legal representation ensures that this does not negatively impact you.

Do I Really Need to Hire an Attorney?

Yes. Hiring a divorce attorney can protect your financial security, legal rights, and sanity. Having someone handle the process and negotiations  will make the process of divorce simpler and ensure that your needs are the primary focus.