Woman In Jail Asks The Internet To Help Pay For Divorce

Colorado is over a thousand miles away, but Holly Cogburn’s court case has a relationship to Michigan. She is currently in jail in Montezuma County, Colo., and awaiting trial for charges of child abuse. Cogburn has allegedly asked the Internet to help pay for a divorce from her husband, who supposedly still resides near the Michigan border.  One of the reasons she was denied bond in Colorado, however, was that she failed to appear in Michigan for a court date.

What Happened In Michigan

According to police reports, Mr. Robert D. Cogburn called the police on his wife in 2013. He alleged that Mrs. Cogburn had “hit and kicked him causing him pain and cuts to his arms and legs.” Mrs. Cogburn was incarcerated after the incident, which took place in Bristol, Ind., about an hour south of Kalamazoo. Her trial was to take place in Michigan, however, not Indiana.

What Happened In Colorado

Now Mrs. Cogburn is living in Cortez, CO. This past August, Cogburn was charged with child abuse. While attending a party, Cogburn was asked about a 2-year-old child waiting in her car. The police called a social worker to the scene. They identified that the child was strapped into a car seat and soaked in its own urine. Based on this evidence, Cogburn was charged with child abuse and sent to the Montezuma County jail.

Marijuana Delivery In Jail

Cogburn’s case became more complicated while she awaited trial. Last December, her boyfriend sent her marijuana in jail. Authorities suspect that the 44-year-old unnamed Durango man grew the marijuana himself. Since 2011, marijuana has been decriminalized in Michigan cities like Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and East Lansing. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in Colorado, but it is still prohibited in jails. Cogburn didn’t get into any legal trouble for her boyfriend’s stunt, but the instance has affected her reputation.

GoFundMe Campaign

GoFundMe.com is a website where users can solicit donations from strangers towards customized campaigns. There is a page currently set up for Mrs. Cogburn under the name “Holly Hartman.” The campaign asks for $5,000 dollars so Cogburn can divorce from her husband. The money would go toward a divorce attorney specifically but several people commenting on the page have discouraged donations. Users have accused the campaign as being phony, set up by Cogburn’s 44-year-old boyfriend to make money while she’s in jail.

Despite her police record, the page proclaims, “anybody that knows Holly Hartman knows that she is an awesome mom and a beautiful person thru and thru [sic].” A refutation of this claim was posted shortly after the page went live. One woman posted, “do not donate to this person without learning the real story… She has created this misery and inflicted it on her babies.”

Four people donated to Cogburn’s campaign, but eight have posted warnings. The page only reached $100 in donations.

Upcoming Trial

Cogburn’s trial in Montezuma County is scheduled for January 27, 2016. She will be tried for charges of child abuse and will likely have to face her domestic abuse charges in Michigan.

Although Cogburn fled West Michigan for West Colorado, she can’t flee her husband or her kids. Most importantly, she can’t flee the law.

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