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Wedding Bells Are Ringing

With summer storming closer and closer, everybody in West Michigan is planning for lake days, trips up north and holiday celebrations. It also means the other hallmark sign of summer, wedding season, is almost upon us. Chances are good that you have already received a handful of save-the-dates, and official invitations will soon be arriving in your mailbox.

Weddings can be a great time, and it is an honor to be part of somebody’s special day. They can, much like Valentine’s Day, be difficult if you are recently divorced or in the midst of one. If you are anxious about navigating wedding season, here are some helpful tips.

It Is Okay to Say No.

Attending a wedding can be expensive, and nobody expects their entire guest list to be able to make it. If you are unsure about going to one for whatever reason, it is perfectly acceptable to RSVP ‘no’. You can still send a thoughtful gift to the bride and groom and make a plan to spend meaningful time with them at a different date.

Leave Your Divorce at Home.

If you do attend, remember it is a day of celebration and you should avoid discussing your divorce. This will help you focus on and share the positive things in your life and help you avoid being down in the dumps the entire day. Any friends or family also in attendance will be supportive and will love seeing you enjoy yourself.

Watch Your Consumption.

This is good general advice for all wedding attendees, but especially if you are unsure how you will respond emotionally. If you drink, keep it in moderation to help avoid an emotional meltdown.

Bring a Friend.

If you have a plus-one, use that spot for a good friend who keeps your spirits high. Everybody knows their one or two friends who make the highlight reel of every wedding, so take the opportunity to enjoy a fun night with a friend!

Make it a Weekend.

If the wedding is in a city that is new to you or somewhere you have not visited in some time, make a full weekend out of it. Take the extra day to explore area attractions, try new restaurants or catch up with a friend. Taking a break from your normal routine will feel great, and researching what to do will help get you excited for the weekend.


After you get back from the wedding, take some time to yourself to assess how the weekend went. Consider what was healthy for you, what you struggled with and what you would have changed. This will help your overall healing process and help you prepare for the next wedding on your calendar.

Our team of divorce attorneys has helped people with all types of cases, and we know how important it is to do what is best for you. It does help to share insight and an idea for what has helped people through their healing, so if you know what has worked for you we would love to hear it!

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