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Teen Fills in at Daddy Daughter Dance

In recent years, daddy-daughter dances have become a staple at elementary schools across the country. One West Michigan teenager is getting a lot of attention for stepping in to take his younger sister to her school’s dance after their father abandoned the family in a divorce.

Over a period of a couple of years, the children’s parents had separated, attempted reconciliation and ended up divorced. Their mother moved herself and their four children to Louisiana for a year, then back to the Kalamazoo area. The former husband purportedly left with everything, including money and legal documents that created plenty of hurdles for the family to land on their feet. They have since found work and returned to schools in Portage.

In early February, 17-year-old Mohammad Hasher came downstairs to find his youngest sister, 6-year-old Noor, wearing a dress over her pajamas. When he asked what she was doing, she said, “There’s a big daddy/daughter dance. I can’t go. So I’m wearing this dress at home.” Mohammad quickly decided he would take her to the dance.

After shopping for a new dress for Noor and getting himself dressed up, the pair had a great night at the dance. Mohammad even won a dance contest. Noor was happy she was able to go so she could enjoy time with her friends and get candy. Mohammad shared a picture of them at the dance, stating “Got to take my baby sister to her first daddy/daughter dance the other night. Sorry you don’t have a dad but I’ll always be there for you.”

The photo and story quickly went viral across social media platforms and has reached major media channels and television shows. Mohammad says the transitions in the past couple of years have been hard on the whole family, especially his youngest sister, so he was happy to do something nice for her.  The response to his photo and story has been very warm and positive.

As divorce attorneys, we work firsthand with families of all backgrounds in the West Michigan area and see all the ways family members can be impacted. This story is a great, positive reminder of how impactful even the smallest gestures of kindness can be both in everyday life and when you know people going through a divorce.

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