Health Care Debate Putting Divorces on Hold

The news cycle has been dominated for weeks by the debate on health care in our country. Recently, financial planners and divorce attorneys have taken notice of a new trend: some separating couples are delaying their divorces due to the uncertain future of health care.

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Filing for Divorce? Do These Things First.

Marriages dissolve for an infinite number of reasons, and our team of divorce attorneys hears something new every day. While divorce rates are on a downward trend, it remains a reality for many couples. If your marriage is headed towards divorce, there are several things you should do before filing papers.

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Keep the Fireworks in the Sky

Families across West Michigan recently spent a long weekend celebrating the Fourth of July. Independence Day is one of the American traditions most deeply rooted in family, friends and celebration.

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Collaborative Divorce FAQs

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, there are likely countless questions pouring through your mind. Through our careers in family law, we have helped people from all walks of life find answers to some of those questions. Our attorneys are trained as Collaborative Divorce attorneys, and we have experienced how beneficial the process can be for people.
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Tips to Help Your Kids Cope With a Divorce

Experienced divorce attorneys know the process can be one of the most challenging life experiences. Along with emotional distress, divorce can drain your time, money, and energy. The process can become significantly more complex when children are involved.

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West Michigan Ranks Well For Raising Families

A recently published report by Wallethub explored a wide range of factors to rank cities in Michigan for overall family friendliness. The 21 categories used for ranking cover everything from weather and air quality to traffic, school quality and area attractions. West Michigan cities were well represented, for better and worse, in many categories out of the 104 cities ranked. Read more

Divorce Rates In New Study Show The Stress Of Michiganders

Wallethub recently released a new study that ranked how stressed 150 of America’s major cities were. Furthermore, the website ranked them in order of least to most stressed out. Although Grand Rapids ranked 119th, Detroit topped the list at number one. Although Michigan seems to be divided in terms of stress levels, Wallethub’s data may show why the two cities differ so greatly. Read more

Two Notable Men Help Women Survive Abuse Differently

Contestants on reality shows are often given 15 minutes of fame. Many of them use their publicity to endorse products or for launching businesses. However, one contestant from ABC’s The Bachelorette is using his notoriety for good. Derek Peth from the show’s twelfth season is raising money through online donations to help survivors of domestic abuse. Several organizations in West Michigan are striving to do the same, but by hosting a day-long workshop encouraging community members to better help abuse victims. For these women, divorce may be just a starting point. Read more

Hillary Clinton’s Marital Solidarity Could Inspire Other Politicians

Donald Trump has been divorced twice. On the other hand Hillary Clinton stood by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, during his extra-marital affair in the late 90s. However, there is another couple in America’s political landscape whose marriage survived divorce. Huma Abedin has not divorced her husband, Anthony Weiner, despite his multiple sex scandals. Though they’ve undoubtedly had their difficulties, their marriage’s fortitude may be the key to Abedin’s future in politics. Read more

County Clerk Helps Couples Strengthen Their Marriages

With divorce rates declining, couples seem to be finding new solutions to their marital issues. Those who have been married for a long time may seek couples counseling, or may try less traditional ways to refresh their love. Some opt to renew their vows and can now do so while supporting their local government. With the Pope’s new writing on divorce, couples have several ways in which they can view marital strife in the face of divorce.  Read more