The Power of a Kind Gesture

Going through a divorce creates a unique set of challenges. Sometimes the process can be relatively quick, and in others it is drawn out with a wide range of factors involved. Finalizing the legal portion of the divorce is only part of that which the divorce entails. Read more

Woman In Jail Asks The Internet To Help Pay For Divorce

Colorado is over a thousand miles away, but Holly Cogburn’s court case has a relationship to Michigan. She is currently in jail in Montezuma County, Colo., and awaiting trial for charges of child abuse. Cogburn has allegedly asked the Internet to help pay for a divorce from her husband, who supposedly still resides near the Michigan border.  One of the reasons she was denied bond in Colorado, however, was that she failed to appear in Michigan for a court date. Read more

social media use in divorce cases

Social Media Use in Divorce Court

There has been a recent uptick in blaming social media for failing marriages. Consequently, social media updates are being used as persuasive court evidence in divorce cases.  Read more

Be Careful on Social Media

In my last blog, the three of us take turns; I talked about how it is possible to learn a lot about opposing parties in divorce cases by using social media. It is a dilemma for us and our clients as to how much time and effort (i.e. attorney fees) to use in cases researching social media. We try to have a discussion with our clients regarding the pros and cons of investing time in that issue. The flip side of that question is what social media content says about our clients. Read more

Social Media and Other Information Sources

In a recent article in The Lawyer’s Weekly, a magazine for attorneys, talked about the terms of social media and other means to collect information. The article was not focused only on family law, but since our firm specializes in family law it is the area that our firm spent its’ time to discussing. Read more