Michigan Basketball Player Battles Over A Complicated Prenup

The Grand Rapids Drive has announced that they will be holding tryouts next month. They will be appraising the talents of 150 potential players and are holding the event at the courthouse in Byron Center. If selected, players will join the team for their November training camp. This also gives players the opportunity to work their way further towards careers in professional basketball. Because the Drive is in the development league of the NBA, they are closely affiliated with the Detroit Pistons, a team who has recently been in the news because of a former player’s divorce case. Read more

Rasheed Wallace’s divorce case becomes complicated

A high-profile divorce case involving a popular and former member of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons is illustrating how divorce can become complicated when jurisdiction comes into question.

Former Piston Rasheed Wallace successfully had entered a divorce decree in North Carolina earlier in the month. Now, his wife is claiming that, because both members of the couple allegedly reside in Michigan, North Carolina courts cannot make decisions regarding their divorce. Read more