A Man Is Shot By His Pastor Over A Divorce Confrontation

In Detroit, Michigan, a pastor shot a member of his congregation during a Sunday service after the man attacked him. The altercation was allegedly caused over the victim’s recent divorce, which included accusations of infidelity. The incident led to the death of the church member and also unraveled a very messy case of questioned paternity and lost friendships. Read more

Divorced Michigan Pastor Helps Advocate for Straight Spouses

Gender Identity and Divorce

Carter Cortelyou divorced his wife of 24 years in 2009 when she came out to him as a lesbian. The couple had children, they had been seeing a relationship counselor, and when his wife finally confided in him about her sexuality, the pieces all came together. “It explained a great deal looking back,” Cortelyou says, “particularly of struggles with physical intimacy over the years of our marriage, and we both quickly realized it just explains so much.”  Read more