Alimony in Michigan: The Basics

If your divorce case, the first thing you need to know is that Michigan handles support on a case-by-case basis. Support is established to help ensure both people are equitably supported post-divorce. There are many factors involved in determining whether spousal support is appropriate and for how long it should be paid. Here’s what you need to know.

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Parental Alienation Is Getting Its Own Rally In Michigan

A lot can happen during a custody battle. Not only are parents wrapped up in their divorce, but they’re also competing over who gets access to their children. One parent may live in Grand Rapids while another wants to move out-of-state. During these disputes, parents sometimes resort to extreme tactics to maintain custody. These strategies can sometimes result in “parental alienation,” an issue that has lead to a rally later this month. Read more

Potential Effects Of Millennials On The Divorce Community

Making it through a divorce is no small feat. Separating from a spouse can leach a lot of emotional strength from a person. This can be particularly true for people who decide to stay at home to raise children. When a marriage ends, these parents may not have a job to sink their time into. However, there are many people who come out of their divorce with newfound insight and confidence. The JVS Trade Secrets event is an event that shares these stories of positivity to inspire people in Michigan. Although the event is geared towards women, the words of encouragement are universal.  Read more

Battle Creek Woman Turns Divorce Into A Modeling Career

Raising six children can be tough. Divorcing with six children can be tougher. This was the case for Leah Keene of Battle Creek, Michigan. Keene, however, seized the opportunity to redefine herself. At age 42, Keene became a model, actress, and voice-over artist. 40 years later, Keene is still proving that fame is not limited to fifteen minutes. Read more

Is Divorce And Excuse For Embezzlement?

Shannon Schelling first got caught embezzling money in Mecosta County, north of Grand Rapids, back in 2003. She was again caught embezzling from a different West Michigan company in 2009. She is now on trial for a third case of embezzlement from a third company. The difference in her recent case is that she is now using divorce and child custody as a plea for leniency. Read more

A Notable Michigan Representative’s Divorce Could Impact His Campaign

Democratic Representative John Conyers has been in the House of Representatives for 26 terms. Conyers was first elected to represent Detroit’s congressional district in 1965. He’s running for another term, but his pending divorce and the controversy surrounding his wife’s imprisonment might not be seen favorably in the eye’s of voters. Read more

Helping Children of Divorce

Trisha Short of Elk Rapids, Mich., knows the difficulties of being a child of divorce. Short has been working at helping children and their parents mend gaps in communication for over twenty years. Whether the parents are having issues explaining their divorce or their child is simply shutting them out, Short is one of West Michigan’s experts in the field.

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Michigan Boys Sent To Jail In Messy Divorce Case

In the midst of a five-year divorce case, three Michigan children refused to see their father for lunch, and have been sent to juvenile detention as a result.  Read more

Detroit Man Facing Serious Child Support Woes

The child support system in Michigan can be an imperfect one. A clerical error or false information often makes victims out of perfectly innocent men or women. This is a lesson that a Detroit man is learning as he works through a debacle that has him owing the state $30,000 for a child that he did not father. Read more

Uniform Collaborative Law Act

On May 1st I went to Lansing to testify on behalf of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (“UCLA”). I testified in my role as President of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan (“CPIM”). The UCLA has been passed in seven states and the District of Columbia. It is currently pending in eight states, including Michigan. Read more