Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan

Last month I went to Lansing as President of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan which is the statewide organization for Collaborative professionals. I was there to testify in support of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. Three of us attended the State Senate Judiciary Committee meeting prepared to testify but our lobbyists informed us that we had all the votes we needed to pass the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. Read more

New Legislation may make joining the Bar Association Discretionary

In writing for this blog we generally stay nonpolitical. There are number of reasons for staying nonpolitical, but there is one subject which I am compelled to include in my turn to add to our firm blog.

There is currently legislation in Lansing to make joining the Bar Association discretionary. Currently, in order to legally practice law in Michigan you have to be a member in good standing with the Michigan Bar Association. Read more

I thought I’d be divorced in six months?

You file for divorce, your spouse files a response. Then what? Do you just sit around for six months and wait for a court to, well, “divorce” you? The Michigan law requiring divorcing parties with minor children to wait six months is often hard for unrepresented litigants to understand. The six-month waiting period, in the most simplest terms, means that the court cannot grant a divorce (cannot grant a final order on custody, cannot order the division of your “stuff”) until the expiration of 180 days from the date a case is started. Read more