Hillary Clinton’s Marital Solidarity Could Inspire Other Politicians

Donald Trump has been divorced twice. On the other hand Hillary Clinton stood by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, during his extra-marital affair in the late 90s. However, there is another couple in America’s political landscape whose marriage survived divorce. Huma Abedin has not divorced her husband, Anthony Weiner, despite his multiple sex scandals. Though they’ve undoubtedly had their difficulties, their marriage’s fortitude may be the key to Abedin’s future in politics. Read more

Sculptor Reveals The History Of Divorce Through Welding

Photo: Bryan Bennett, AP

As West Michigan’s two major cities, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids have a lot in common. They both are home to successful microbreweries (Bells and Founders); they are both college towns (Western Michigan and Grand Valley State); and they both are full of art. While Grand Rapids is home to the colorful Calder Plaza, Kalamazoo has a smaller piece that has become of recent interest. It’s called “Industrial Forms II” and it may fall apart if the city doesn’t do something to fix it.

Oddly enough, the city may not have even gotten this sculpture if it weren’t for the artist’s divorce. In looking back this sculpture’s past, one also gets a strange snapshot of what divorce was like 40 years ago. Read more