Grandparent Visitation – Don’t Ask for it until it’s been Denied!

Michigan law allows grandparents to seek court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren under limited grounds. The court gives significant deference to a fit parent’s decision not to allow visitation, but if a grandparent can get their foot in the door it is possible to successfully argue a grandparent visitation case. One of the first hurdles is demonstrating an “actual denial” of visitation. Read more

Grandparent Visitation – Who has rights?

In Michigan, a grandparent may seek a court order for visitation with their grandchildren under one of the following circumstances: (1) an action for divorce, separate maintenance or annulment involving the child’s parents is pending before the court; (2) the child’s parents are divorced, separated under a judgment of separate maintenance or have had their marriage annulled; Read more