Michigan Man Destroys His Marriage After Multiple Embezzlements

Losing the support of his wife, apparently wasn’t enough to deter Marc Wayne Eisenbrener from embezzlement. Eisenbrener of Caledonia, Michigan, was first convicted of stealing from his employer in 2012. He took about $345,000 from his wife’s family business. Now he is facing nearly identical charges from a different business. The court doesn’t appear to be as lenient this time around either.   Read more

Is Divorce And Excuse For Embezzlement?

Shannon Schelling first got caught embezzling money in Mecosta County, north of Grand Rapids, back in 2003. She was again caught embezzling from a different West Michigan company in 2009. She is now on trial for a third case of embezzlement from a third company. The difference in her recent case is that she is now using divorce and child custody as a plea for leniency. Read more