Health and Heart Concerns Become A Worry For Those Divorcing

An article recently discussed by the Science World Report reports a unique relationship between stress and divorce. The research gathered reveals specific ailments linked to divorce. Among these illnesses is heart disease.   Read more

Lyft in Grand Rapids May Help Alleviate Pressures That Lead To Divorce

When rumors about divorce’s potentially ugliness arise, there are not a lot of people who are able to debunk them with authority. However, several researchers in Michigan have done studies that may be able to shed light on some myths about divorce rates. Furthermore, their findings can be applied to the populations in West Michigan with regards to the taxi app Lyft, which comes to Grand Rapids this week. Read more

Divorce-Related Stress May Have Played A Role In Police Stand-Offs

The marital issues that lead to divorce can become intense. Couples may argue, bicker, and even get into physical fights. Although many couples would prefer to avoid it, an expert in Jackson, Mich., encourages those in abusive relationships to end their marriages. This week, altercations between married couples led to serious run-ins with the police. In analyzing these two events, one begins to see the potential consequences of stress related to divorce. Read more