How Divorce can Affect Underage Drinking

There’s not a new sheriff in town, but the current sheriff of Muskegon, Michigan is doing something new to prevent teens from drinking. The Party Patrol is a new initiative created to help lower teen drinking rates, but divorce counseling might be a more effective approach. Read more

Prevented from Seeing Their Mother in Grisly Custody Battle

The key to understanding the lives of the Tsimhoni’s is to throw out everything you know about custody battles. These Bloomfield Hills children have been in the middle of a highly publicized feud between their parents that hit international news circuits this summer. However, it seems that their tribulations have finally come to a close. Read more

Helping Children of Divorce

Trisha Short of Elk Rapids, Mich., knows the difficulties of being a child of divorce. Short has been working at helping children and their parents mend gaps in communication for over twenty years. Whether the parents are having issues explaining their divorce or their child is simply shutting them out, Short is one of West Michigan’s experts in the field.

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Divorcing parents don’t always have to sort through their issues in court

When divorcing spouses do not see eye-to-eye, children involved often get caught in the cross-hairs. While husband and wife may be at odds over a variety of topics, dealing with child custody and parenting plans often become the primary battles. Read more

Children of Divorce

As prevalent as it is today, divorce is a relatively common way of life. The Michigan State University Extension recently released an article that highlighted data revealing that, in 2011, 3.6 per 1,000 marriages ended in divorce. Here in Michigan, that number was right around the average at 3.4 per every thousand. Read more