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Strange Divorces: A Recent History

Practicing divorce law and seeing a lot of cases is a humbling experience. While there are many common reasons people seek a separation, there are always unique factors to each case. Every now and then, however, stories come through that remind us why we are rarely surprised at the wide range of causes for divorce.

While none of these stories have required the work of divorce lawyers in Michigan, it is always interesting to explore what types of cases may walk through the door. Here are some of the strangest headlines from around the world in the past few years.

Talking Too Much

A Nigerian woman, ended her six-year marriage due to her husband’s chatty habits. Along with talking too much in general, her former husband was quick to share secrets and private matters with family and friends. He urged the courts to approve her request, citing a loyalty to his own parents.

The Cat Lady

You may have friends or family that you joke with about being a crazy cat lady, but odds are good that one Israeli woman has them beat. In 2012, a man filed for divorce after his life at home was irreparably hindered by his wife’s 550 pet cats. He claimed he was unable to sleep in bed or perform any household chores due to the mass amount of cats. In the end, the woman chose her cats over her husband.

Let It Go

Though it was a global phenomenon, Disney’s Frozen was also the cause of a separation in Japan. After seeing the film several times on her own, a man’s wife asked him to join her for a viewing. When he admitted to not enjoying the film, she took great offense and moved out of their home, ending a six-year marriage.

Eat Your Veggies

One Kuwaiti woman only made it a week into her marriage before filing for divorce. Her decision was made after learning that her husband preferred to eat peas using a piece of bread instead of a fork. She viewed the habit as too shocking a sight, and decided she did not want to stay married to a man with poor table manners.

These stories all eventually made worldwide news, so we will certainly share if any divorce attorneys in Grand Rapids hear a story as unique this year. If you are a fan of offbeat news, we ended last year by sharing three great stories.