Uncontested / Flat Fee Divorces

We now offer flat fees for uncontested divorces with or without minor children. An “uncontested” divorce is considered one in which there are NO unresolved or disputed issues between the parties, yet the parties wish for an experienced attorney to take the hassle, time and responsibility for proper document preparation, filing and finalizing off of their shoulders. The flat fee for an uncontested divorce is $1,500.00 and includes the following:

  1. Preparation of the initial documentation;
  2. Filing fee of $175 (no minor children) or $255 (minor children);
  3. Preparation of Consent Judgment of Divorce, Uniform Child/Spousal Support Orders and Domestic Relations Judgment Information form;
  4. Discussions and contacts with the parties to prepare initial paperwork and Judgment of Divorce;
  5. Motion fee for pro confesso hearing $20.00.

In the event an uncontested divorce becomes a contested matter, in order to continue representation in the case, our law firm would require an additional retainer to be placed with us, and the case would then proceed as a contested divorce matter with our normal billing rates and procedures. The flat fee rate would no longer be applicable; however, any work performed or costs paid prior to that determination would still be considered work under the flat fee rate, and no additional charges for those services would be assessed.

If you have an uncontested divorce and you are interested in our flat fee service, please specify this with our office at the time you contact us.