Michigan Mediation

Divorce, spousal support, child custody — you may think the only way to settle these types of issues is through expensive court proceedings. Fortunately, there are other ways that can be more cost effective and less adversarial, like through mediation or arbitration.

Grand Rapids mediation attorney Randall L. Velzen of Velzen, Johnsen & Wikander, P.C., can help you understand how mediation can benefit you and the other parties involved with your family law matter.

Helping You Work Together Toward One Goal

Mediation ultimately keeps court out of the equation by arranging for both parties to work with an unbiased third-party mediator in order to resolve issues including property division, spousal support, child support, child custody, parenting time, etc.

As a Collaborative Professionals state board member and trained mediator with many years of experience helping Michigan families find solutions to their family law problems through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), Randall L. Velzen has the knowledge to help you, too.

Our Michigan ADR lawyer will help you and the other party reach a fair and reasonable solution by finding points of agreement. As a neutral party, he will not give legal advice that could be more advantageous to one party than to the other.

Mediation encourages effective communication and, when successful, teaches both parties valuable skills that can be used to handle future disagreements.

Because mediation is solely based on the ability of both parties to communicate in a fair and respectable manner and their ability to come to a conclusion together on the issues being disputed, mediation is not for everyone. Sometimes litigation is a necessary step to fully resolving your legal matters.

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