Michigan Estate Planning

When you make the decision to create an estate plan, you are ultimately preparing for your future. Often, individuals underestimate the importance of an estate plan, especially those who believe they are too young to be thinking about the end of their lives.

In reality, an estate plan can help you make sure your property and finances are in order, your health care wishes are followed, and your family members are provided for in the event of your absence or incapacitation.

Our accomplished Grand Rapids estate planning attorneys at Velzen, Johnsen & Wikander, P.C., would like to help you understand how creating a will or trust and appointing a power of attorney can benefit you and your loved ones.

Helping You Plan for the Future

For decades, we have assisted Michigan residents with preparing for their future and the future of their loved ones through estate planning.

It is important to realize that despite your age, the size of your estate, or your family status, taking responsibility to prepare for your coming years will simplify the mandatory steps that will eventually need to happen. This is your chance to make clear end-of-life medical wishes, create a distribution plan for your property and other assets, take care of pending tax issues, and eliminate the need for probate.

With our guidance, we can help you prepare and appoint a:

  • Will — Help determine the important factors that should be included in your will, describe what the benefits of a will and how they can help eliminate family disputes over property, and address additional requests you have. Also, help decide who should be primarily in charge of handling the financial issues for raising the children in the event of death of the parents.
  • Trust — Understand how a trust can help you and your loved ones and how it can work in conjunction with or replace a will, address how your property can be managed through a trust and help with determining a trustee.
  • Power of attorney — Help you determine who to appoint as your power of attorney by describing different factors you should take into consideration. A person acting as power of attorney is someone who has authority to manage the financial affairs of the other person.
  • Durable medical power of attorney — Help you determine who to appoint as your durable medical power of attorney, or the person who can make medical decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacitation, by describing different factors you should take into consideration.

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