Michigan Collaborative Divorce

Velzen, Johnsen & Wikander is proud to be the only family law firm in Grand Rapids in which all three attorneys are trained as Collaborative Divorce attorneys.

You and your spouse have decided to get a divorce. What’s next? You’ve heard unappealing stories about other people’s divorces — drawn out court battles, costly fees, feelings of resentment, etc. You do not want your relationship to end like that.

Although divorce litigation is necessary for some relationships, there is an alternative.

Grand Rapids collaborative divorce attorneys Randall L. Velzen, Jennifer L. Johnsen and  Erica L. Wikander want to help you understand why collaborative divorce might be right for you.

Effective Communication Is Key

As a founding member of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of West Michigan and as a Collaborative Professionals state board member, Randall L. Velzen has been helping couples steer clear of adversarial court proceedings and toward a more communicative and amicable way to divorce.

What is Collaborative Divorce?
During a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will sign a contract promising that each of you will work together and make decisions about your divorce as a team. Both you and your spouse will each have a representing lawyer who will also sign this contract.

While your lawyers will act as divorce coaches and legal resources for you to go to for answers, you will both also have access to other resources, including family and financial specialists. They can help you and your spouse communicate with one another more effectively and lend advice regarding what is in the best interest of everyone involved.

If at any time you, your spouse or both of you decide you cannot make decisions together and that litigation may be mandatory, the agreement will be dissolved. Both lawyers must withdraw from the case, and you will have to proceed with a traditional divorce attorney.

Learn More about Collaborative Divorce Law

Collaborative may not be right for everyone, but it can be very beneficial to relationships because it revolves around creating valuable communication skills. The skills you learn throughout your collaborative divorce will not only help you make decisions with your spouse about important marital matters (e.g. property division, real estate, spousal and child support, visitation and retirement funds), they will also eliminate future communication problems that may occur post divorce.

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