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Our Practice Areas

At Johnsen and Wikander, P.C., we are determined to find the best legal solution for your family or estate planning matter. Our Grand Rapids attorneys understand that your situation is unique; therefore, a customized legal plan that focuses on the best interests of you and your family members is what we strive to provide.

Let Michigan family law attorneys Jennifer L. Johnsen and Erica L. Wikander assist you with:

Divorce Litigation

Explain process, answer questions about divorce, offer competent representation in court, discuss property division and equitable distribution of marital assets

Collaborative Divorce

Learn how collaborative law can make communication between divorcing couples more positive and productive and less detrimental to children


A process whereby parties work with a third-party neutral attorney who helps facilitate an agreement on disputed issues, such as custody, support and division of assets


Another form of alternative dispute resolution, involving a third-party neutral attorney who offers a binding opinion on the disputed issues

Spousal Support/Alimony

Determine the different factors that go into calculating spousal support, as well as the amount and time that it should be paid

Child Custody

Determine what factors will play into the child custody agreement, discuss visitation rights, medical and educational needs, etc.

Parenting Time

Learn about parent rights, figure out visitation plans and discuss factors that determine parenting time

Child Support

Examine different factors involved in child support determination, including parenting time, finances, etc.


Help with understanding paternal rights, paternity testing, parenting time, etc.

Moving Your Child

Learn about change of domicile actions and other factors that affect moving your child, as well as violations and penalties for violating court orders

Post-Judgement Matters

Assistance with modifications to judgments, including spousal and child support, visitation, relocation and parental rights

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Are you struggling with divorce, child support, estate planning or other family matters? Johnsen & Wikander provide powerful advocacy in court and will protect your rights. We understand that not all issues can or should be solved through litigation, which is why we are also skilled in alternative dispute resolution. Through collaborative law, mediation or arbitration, we can work toward finding the best legal solution for you and your family.

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