Alaska Considering Pets in Divorce

Along with the emotional toll involved with a divorce, there is always the difficult process of dividing assets. Historically, courts across the country have viewed family pets as property to be considered in property distribution. Pet owners, however, will almost always tell you how they view the pets as another member of the family. Read more

Mixing Politics and Marriage

On the eve of our country’s first Presidential transition in eight years, politics are likely at the forefront of many discussions around the country. While we will remain politically neutral here, the discussion of politics as it pertains to marriage and relationships is important. Divorce attorneys often hear a difference of values, beliefs and ideals as causes of separation, and that difference can certainly appear when considering political ideals. Read more

West Michigan Ranks Well For Raising Families

A recently published report by Wallethub explored a wide range of factors to rank cities in Michigan for overall family friendliness. The 21 categories used for ranking cover everything from weather and air quality to traffic, school quality and area attractions. West Michigan cities were well represented, for better and worse, in many categories out of the 104 cities ranked. Read more

Divorce Spikes in January

Research done in recent years continues to confirm what many divorce attorneys and marriage counselors have anecdotally witnessed; the new year tends to bring a rise in divorce filings. The increase tends to start in January, and is generally followed by another increase to the peak filing time in March. Data shows that divorce related internet searches certainly increases, indicating more people are at least researching their options. Search terms including divorce, family law and child custody all increase around 50% between December and January. Read more

Three Great Stories from This Year

2016 is winding down and the holiday season is in full swing. With winter roaring all across West Michigan, hopefully you are staying safe and warm no matter what your year-end and holiday plans may be.  Read more

Changing the View of Divorce

The idea of divorce, or ending any relationship for that matter, is inherently difficult. Along with being emotionally taxing, it comes with a series of life changes that call for time and inner strength. Family structures, social circles, finances, housing and daily routines are just a handful of areas affected by a separation. Read more

Divorce Rates Drop Again

For the third consecutive year, divorce rates across the country have dropped. Recently published research by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research highlighted the decline. The overall divorce rate nationwide is now at its lowest point in the past 35 years. Read more

Exploring Depression in Relationships

There are many factors to maintaining healthy, lasting relationships. Along with maintaining a strong tie with your partner, there are countless external forces that can influence a marriage for better or worse. Likewise, there is a broad spectrum of reasons for divorce.  Read more

The Power of a Kind Gesture

Going through a divorce creates a unique set of challenges. Sometimes the process can be relatively quick, and in others it is drawn out with a wide range of factors involved. Finalizing the legal portion of the divorce is only part of that which the divorce entails. Read more

Exploring Marriage and Divorce Differences Between Genders

It comes as little surprise that, like with many things, there are plenty of differences in the ways that men and women view divorce and marriage. Divorce attorneys can anecdotally share trends they have seen throughout their careers. There are countless factors that lead to separation; common causes can vary geographically, even for places as close as Grand Rapids and Holland. One recently published article explored a number of these differences, citing larger studies that may prove true anywhere. Read more