Medicaid Expansion and the Divorce Rate

NPR’s Morning Edition recently hosted a discussion on the Affordable Care Act. Social scientist Shankar Vedantam and host David Greene explored research behind Medicaid expansion and its impact on divorce. As we have done previously, we will stay out of political viewpoints and explore the discussion from our eyes as divorce attorneys. Read more

Understanding Michigan Divorce Forms

The divorce process can be a stressful and emotional time for all involved parties. A wide range of issues including property/asset division, alimony, child support and custody, and more can further complicate the proceedings. There are a lot of advantages to hiring a divorce attorney to represent your best interests, especially if the separation is not mutual. Read more

Strange Divorces: A Recent History

Practicing divorce law and seeing a lot of cases is a humbling experience. While there are many common reasons people seek a separation, there are always unique factors to each case. Every now and then, however, stories come through that remind us why we are rarely surprised at the wide range of causes for divorce. Read more

Local Couple Shares Lasting Marriage Tips

Love has been in the air all week thanks to Valentine’s Day. We previously offered some tips for those who were suffering at the prospect of the day. Even if you think it is strictly a commercial holiday, it is a great opportunity to seek wisdom from experts and those in long-lasting marriages. Read more

Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Whether you believe in celebrating it as a holiday or not, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for divorcees or those going through a separation. As divorce attorneys, we know the emotional toll the process takes on all parties involved. The bombardment of advertisements and products geared toward relationships can stir up unpleasant memories. Read more

Key Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is a difficult time and can create a lot of uncertainty and turmoil in life. No matter the circumstances, there will be a lot of life changes happening alongside the legal proceedings. Finding and working with a divorce attorney with the right skills and experience to fight for you can help alleviate some of the stress. Read more

Alaska Considering Pets in Divorce

Along with the emotional toll involved with a divorce, there is always the difficult process of dividing assets. Historically, courts across the country have viewed family pets as property to be considered in property distribution. Pet owners, however, will almost always tell you how they view the pets as another member of the family. Read more

Mixing Politics and Marriage

On the eve of our country’s first Presidential transition in eight years, politics are likely at the forefront of many discussions around the country. While we will remain politically neutral here, the discussion of politics as it pertains to marriage and relationships is important. Divorce attorneys often hear a difference of values, beliefs and ideals as causes of separation, and that difference can certainly appear when considering political ideals. Read more

West Michigan Ranks Well For Raising Families

A recently published report by Wallethub explored a wide range of factors to rank cities in Michigan for overall family friendliness. The 21 categories used for ranking cover everything from weather and air quality to traffic, school quality and area attractions. West Michigan cities were well represented, for better and worse, in many categories out of the 104 cities ranked. Read more

Divorce Spikes in January

Research done in recent years continues to confirm what many divorce attorneys and marriage counselors have anecdotally witnessed; the new year tends to bring a rise in divorce filings. The increase tends to start in January, and is generally followed by another increase to the peak filing time in March. Data shows that divorce related internet searches certainly increases, indicating more people are at least researching their options. Search terms including divorce, family law and child custody all increase around 50% between December and January. Read more