Family Photos Remain Important for Divorced Couple

Part of our philosophy as divorce attorneys is to work compassionately with couples who are willing to work with each other. This looks differently for every case we handle, as every relationship is unique, and certainly does not always change or lessen the emotional wear and tear caused by a divorce.

One Alaskan woman has recently gotten a lot of attention for a non-traditional decision she made with her now ex-spouse following their divorce. Victoria and her former husband, Adam, have a son and continue to take photos together even though they have split. Read more

The Pros of Collaborative Divorce

Going through a divorce does not always have to be a messy process. Many people have a friend or family member they know that went through a long, exhaustive divorce that drained resources and left all parties with a bitter sense of resentment. While some cases require litigation, working through a Collaborative divorce can be a great option. Read more

Teen Fills in at Daddy Daughter Dance

In recent years, daddy-daughter dances have become a staple at elementary schools across the country. One West Michigan teenager is getting a lot of attention for stepping in to take his younger sister to her school’s dance after their father abandoned the family in a divorce. Read more

March is Peak Divorce Season

Earlier this year, we covered the spike in divorces that typically happens in January. The increase is generally believed to be a result of waiting for the holidays and the end of a tax year. The trend, however, seems to be that the increase begins in January and reaches a peak in March.

Research published last year out of the University of Washington found that the highest rate of divorce filings occurs every year is March. The second main spike in divorce filings comes later in the year, with August being the second month with a notable peak. Read more

Medicaid Expansion and the Divorce Rate

NPR’s Morning Edition recently hosted a discussion on the Affordable Care Act. Social scientist Shankar Vedantam and host David Greene explored research behind Medicaid expansion and its impact on divorce. As we have done previously, we will stay out of political viewpoints and explore the discussion from our eyes as divorce attorneys. Read more

Understanding Michigan Divorce Forms

The divorce process can be a stressful and emotional time for all involved parties. A wide range of issues including property/asset division, alimony, child support and custody, and more can further complicate the proceedings. There are a lot of advantages to hiring a divorce attorney to represent your best interests, especially if the separation is not mutual. Read more

Strange Divorces: A Recent History

Practicing divorce law and seeing a lot of cases is a humbling experience. While there are many common reasons people seek a separation, there are always unique factors to each case. Every now and then, however, stories come through that remind us why we are rarely surprised at the wide range of causes for divorce. Read more

Local Couple Shares Lasting Marriage Tips

Love has been in the air all week thanks to Valentine’s Day. We previously offered some tips for those who were suffering at the prospect of the day. Even if you think it is strictly a commercial holiday, it is a great opportunity to seek wisdom from experts and those in long-lasting marriages. Read more

Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Whether you believe in celebrating it as a holiday or not, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for divorcees or those going through a separation. As divorce attorneys, we know the emotional toll the process takes on all parties involved. The bombardment of advertisements and products geared toward relationships can stir up unpleasant memories. Read more

Key Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is a difficult time and can create a lot of uncertainty and turmoil in life. No matter the circumstances, there will be a lot of life changes happening alongside the legal proceedings. Finding and working with a divorce attorney with the right skills and experience to fight for you can help alleviate some of the stress. Read more