Woman Serves Divorce Papers with Facebook

Recently, a New York woman was able to legally serve divorce papers via Facebook Messenger.

Ellanora Baidoo’s husband had run away; he had no listed address, and was unable to be located by a private investigator. The only way that she had contact with him was through his cell phone and Facebook. Read more


Vatican Council Takes More Empathetic View on Divorce

Global leaders and influential advisors are beginning to take a more empathetic view of divorce.  During recent Vatican meetings, the Pope and bishops debated on the topic of divorce, and remarriage after divorce. Reports of the outcome of these difficult conversations shocked many, but is a relief for Catholics going through the divorce process.m Read more


Men and Divorce: Let’s Talk About Our Feelings

The Impact of Divorce on Men

Through the whole divorce process, coming to terms with how the divorce will dramatically impact one’s life, identity, finances, assets, and children can be emotionally difficult. These changes are hard for anyone to navigate, but for men, the task can prove to be even more challenging because of the pressure to be stoic and unaffected. Being “manly” is a hard, and often harmful, front to maintain while dealing with the stress of divorce. Read more


3 Reasons to Hire A Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you may be wondering what the best course of action is when deciding to begin the divorce process. A “do-it-yourself” style divorce may be attractive, but could be done incorrectly, may result in an unfair settlement, or may simply not be an option depending on the state of the relationship. Making the decision to get legal representation is a smart choice for you; here’s why.  Read more


Divorce Process in Michigan – The First Steps

If you or your spouse has decided to get a divorce, beginning to familiarize yourself with the divorce process in Michigan is a necessary step to avoid complications, unnecessary legal fees, and peace of mind. Family law is personal in nature, and the results of your divorce will undoubtedly impact your life and the lives of your children. The  negative impact that divorce can have on your family can be lessened if both parties educate themselves on the process and guidelines of divorce in Michigan.  Read more


Rasheed Wallace’s divorce case becomes complicated

A high-profile divorce case involving a popular and former member of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons is illustrating how divorce can become complicated when jurisdiction comes into question.

Former Piston Rasheed Wallace successfully had entered a divorce decree in North Carolina earlier in the month. Now, his wife is claiming that, because both members of the couple allegedly reside in Michigan, North Carolina courts cannot make decisions regarding their divorce. Read more