Divorcing a Narcissist

Karyl McBride, a family therapist and author of “Will I Ever Be Free of You?” has dedicated her career to helping families with narcissists heal. She has found, through years of family therapy that, being married to a person with narcissistic personality disorder can be hard; divorcing them can prove to be even harder.  Read more


Four Ways to Co-Parent without Going Crazy

1. Go to Counseling

Keeping your communication open, mediated, and peaceful is key to making co-parenting arrangements function.  If you and your ex-spouse can afford to seek out therapy, it can only aid you in having a successful and smooth transition into your new parenting style. Working with a therapist keeps the two of you in a neutral space where you can discuss the hard parts or struggles of parenting separately. It will help you  come up with effective and consistent parenting tactics so the two of you can determine what strategies will work best for your kids. Read more


Divorced Michigan Pastor Helps Advocate for Straight Spouses

Gender Identity and Divorce

Carter Cortelyou divorced his wife of 24 years in 2009 when she came out to him as a lesbian. The couple had children, they had been seeing a relationship counselor, and when his wife finally confided in him about her sexuality, the pieces all came together. “It explained a great deal looking back,” Cortelyou says, “particularly of struggles with physical intimacy over the years of our marriage, and we both quickly realized it just explains so much.”  Read more