Basketball Player Represents Children Of Divorce

Divorce can be a trying time within families. Relationships often become strained between parents and their children. However, by finding a bond with a child, some marital tension can be avoided. This is of particular concern for someone who was abandoned by their own parent, like Duwad Abdur-Rahkman. However, he was able to maintain a bond with his son through basketball. Now his son is 21 years old and is quickly becoming a household name for Michigan sports fans.  Read more


A Divorced Michigander Cooks Her Way Towards A New Career

Starting one’s life over isn’t easy; it can take people decades to succeed in a career. However, some people find a second niche later in life. For years, Julie Fox was a bedside nurse in an intensive care unit. After discovering she had food allergies she decided to start down a new path. Now, despite a recent divorce, she plans on opening one of West Michigan’s few gluten-free bakeries and grocery stores.  Read more


Doctor Charged With Unintentional Manslaughter After Divorce

Rarely do couples divorce on impulse. When two people agree to wed until death parts them, it’s likely they will try to work through adversity. However, couples may divorce quickly if infidelity occurs. After the suicide of Elizabeth Siudara, authorities began to investigate her husband’s role in the matter. He filed for divorce the day before she died and may have triggered the events leading to her death. Nearly two years later, an arraignment has been scheduled.  Read more


Woman Collects $120,000 From Her Ex-Husband’s Will

Marriage is more than just a romantic bond; couples that marry also unite themselves legally. However, there are certain legal bonds that couples make with each other that are not broken through divorce. One West Michigan family discovered that if a Will is not updated, someone could legally collect funds from their deceased ex-partner’s estate. There is a debate over whether or not Nancy Henson should accept money as the beneficiary of her ex-husband’s Will. However, Henson appears to be on the favorable side of a recent court decision.  Read more


Michigan Man Destroys His Marriage After Multiple Embezzlements

Losing the support of his wife, apparently wasn’t enough to deter Marc Wayne Eisenbrener from embezzlement. Eisenbrener of Caledonia, Michigan, was first convicted of stealing from his employer in 2012. He took about $345,000 from his wife’s family business. Now he is facing nearly identical charges from a different business. The court doesn’t appear to be as lenient this time around either.   Read more


How Dating Apps Might Be Effecting Long-Term Relationships

In the realm of dating, technology is becoming more popular. Over the last decade, websites like OKCupid, eHarmony, Tinder, Hinge, and Grinder have achieved some success in making dating easier. Recent criticism, however, predicts that these new types of courtship could effect marriage rates and lead to more divorce.  Read more


Humor Keeps This Couple Together

An old adage says, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter, however, could also help couples avoid separation. This week, an image of a Michigan man’s wedding ring reached Internet virality on the website Reddit. The photo illustrated the couple’s sense of humor and raises questions about humor’s effect on married life.   Read more


Child Custody Is Complicated, But The System Is Getting Help

Child Protective Services (CPS) has an important mission in keeping children safe. However, the organization has been under scrutiny recently. Some feel that CPS has too much power by remaining outside of criminal courts. However, the judicial system might be receiving help as elections ramp up in Bay City, Michigan.   Read more


After An Affair, State Rep Strives To Stop Surveillance Abuse

Michigan State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat’s extra-marital affair was highly publicized in 2015. The story of their misconduct reached many major news outlets and even appeared on HBO. After being exposed, Courser resigned from his office. Gamrat, however, was expelled from her position with the state. Now Gamrat is back in the news for accusing her husband of “surveillance abuse.” Read more


Battle Creek Woman Turns Divorce Into A Modeling Career

Raising six children can be tough. Divorcing with six children can be tougher. This was the case for Leah Keene of Battle Creek, Michigan. Keene, however, seized the opportunity to redefine herself. At age 42, Keene became a model, actress, and voice-over artist. 40 years later, Keene is still proving that fame is not limited to fifteen minutes. Read more