Divorce and Mental Illness May No Longer Restrict Gun Purchases

A divorce can be stressful for couples. Many fight, and some may turn to violence outside of court proceedings. However, a man in Michigan won a case involving his divorce and purchasing a gun. The 6th Circuit for the United States Court of Appeals ruled this week that Clifford Tyler’s 2nd amendment right had been violated by the state. As Tyler’s case is sent back to Grand Rapids on remand, the court will have to decide whether or not they can enforce a lifetime ban on purchasing firearms for those committed to hospitals for mental illness.  Read more


How A Loved One’s Illness May Transcend Divorce

Many marriages happen while couples are still relatively young. Their vows also often include taking each other “in sickness and in health.” However, as couples grow older, health begins to play a larger role in one’s relationship. Some marriages make it through major illness while others result in divorce. Two stories of marriages dealing with sickness, one case being from Michigan, reveal how poor health can affect one’s marriage.  Read more


Unopened Wedding Present Inspires Married And Divorced Alike

The Gunns have been married for nine years. They have not divorced but say they have had their struggles. The couple’s marriage became news this week after a viral Facebook post was picked up by the news in Kalamazoo. Their story centers on an unopened wedding present they had been keeping in their closet. Although many married couples have been inspired by this story, divorced couples may also use it to improve their separations. Read more


A Political Vow Renewal May Be Part Of A Divorce Trend

U.S. Representative John Conyers and his wife Monica renewed their wedding vows this week. Some were confused by the news because the couple filed for divorce nearly a year ago. Although many find the timing to be ironic, an article from Business Insider (BI) suggests that their separation aligned with a current trend.  The study cited by BI claims couples divorce most frequently in March and August, after times when families typically vacation. The Conyers’ vow renewal also fits with this data and opens up new possibilities for the study’s interpretation. Read more


Nursing School In West Michigan Helps The Divorced Start Over

For many in Grand Rapids, the end of August means that school is approaching. While some divorced parents will be readjusting to custody agreements, others may be starting to continue their own educations. One woman in Greenville has started her own nurse assistant training school to help parents like these, and she has already seen a one hundred percent pass rate amongst her students. Read more


Two West Michigan Politicians Deal With Complicated Divorces

The Holland Sentinel released news this week that former state representative Cindy Gamrat has filed for a divorce from her husband. However, Gamrat is not the only politician who is in the news for divorce-related proceedings. A candidate running for a position in the Ottawa County Circuit Court has created quite a stir in an upcoming election. Similar to Gamrat’s publicity, these events involve politics and divorce in a way that may complicate the jobs of those currently holding public office. Read more


Same-Sex Marriage Laws Debated In Michigan And North Carolina

It’s been over a year since the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal. Since then there have been many objections to the decision. One complication has been how courts should handle those who object to authorizing homosexual unions. The other major complication concerns how child custody will work for same-sex parents who do not have a biological relationship to their children. With the latter situation, divorce attorneys do not have a firm legal precedent on which to base their cases. This week has seen updates on both these issues, ensuring that their outcomes will eventually affect marriages in Grand Rapids and the rest of the country. Read more


Michigan Basketball Player Battles Over A Complicated Prenup

The Grand Rapids Drive has announced that they will be holding tryouts next month. They will be appraising the talents of 150 potential players and are holding the event at the courthouse in Byron Center. If selected, players will join the team for their November training camp. This also gives players the opportunity to work their way further towards careers in professional basketball. Because the Drive is in the development league of the NBA, they are closely affiliated with the Detroit Pistons, a team who has recently been in the news because of a former player’s divorce case. Read more


Lyft in Grand Rapids May Help Alleviate Pressures That Lead To Divorce

When rumors about divorce’s potentially ugliness arise, there are not a lot of people who are able to debunk them with authority. However, several researchers in Michigan have done studies that may be able to shed light on some myths about divorce rates. Furthermore, their findings can be applied to the populations in West Michigan with regards to the taxi app Lyft, which comes to Grand Rapids this week. Read more

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Divorce Rates In New Study Show The Stress Of Michiganders

Wallethub recently released a new study that ranked how stressed 150 of America’s major cities were. Furthermore, the website ranked them in order of least to most stressed out. Although Grand Rapids ranked 119th, Detroit topped the list at number one. Although Michigan seems to be divided in terms of stress levels, Wallethub’s data may show why the two cities differ so greatly. Read more