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Two Notable Men Help Women Survive Abuse Differently

Contestants on reality shows are often given 15 minutes of fame. Many of them use their publicity to endorse products or for launching businesses. However, one contestant from ABC’s The Bachelorette is using his notoriety for good. Derek Peth from the show’s twelfth season is raising money through online donations to help survivors of domestic abuse. Several organizations in West Michigan are striving to do the same, but by hosting a day-long workshop encouraging community members to better help abuse victims. For these women, divorce may be just a starting point. Read more

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Hillary Clinton’s Marital Solidarity Could Inspire Other Politicians

Donald Trump has been divorced twice. On the other hand Hillary Clinton stood by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, during his extra-marital affair in the late 90s. However, there is another couple in America’s political landscape whose marriage survived divorce. Huma Abedin has not divorced her husband, Anthony Weiner, despite his multiple sex scandals. Though they’ve undoubtedly had their difficulties, their marriage’s fortitude may be the key to Abedin’s future in politics. Read more


The State Of Marriage And Divorce A Year After Marriage Equality

On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court made a major decision concerning marriage. In the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, same-sex marriages were made legal by the federal government. In the wake of this decision there has been a lot of turmoil at the state level amongst county clerks. However, a year later, the decision to legalize same-sex marriages has not been reversed. Many members of the press and of the Michigan judicial system have reflected on the state of marriage and divorce after a full year of marriage equality.  Read more


Muskegon Woman Files For Divorce After Frightening Allegations

It’s important that married couples are honest with each other. Many divorces stem from some form of dishonesty, whether it relates to infidelity or otherwise. One woman in West Michigan’s Muskegon County says that her husband withheld a significant amount of information from her. The woman’s divorce attorney says that her husband “accumulated significant personal property which he hid from his wife.” Unlike many cases of dishonesty through omission, the woman’s husband is being charged with murder and kidnapping.  Read more


Divorce-Related Stress May Have Played A Role In Police Stand-Offs

The marital issues that lead to divorce can become intense. Couples may argue, bicker, and even get into physical fights. Although many couples would prefer to avoid it, an expert in Jackson, Mich., encourages those in abusive relationships to end their marriages. This week, altercations between married couples led to serious run-ins with the police. In analyzing these two events, one begins to see the potential consequences of stress related to divorce. Read more


Sculptor Reveals The History Of Divorce Through Welding

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As West Michigan’s two major cities, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids have a lot in common. They both are home to successful microbreweries (Bells and Founders); they are both college towns (Western Michigan and Grand Valley State); and they both are full of art. While Grand Rapids is home to the colorful Calder Plaza, Kalamazoo has a smaller piece that has become of recent interest. It’s called “Industrial Forms II” and it may fall apart if the city doesn’t do something to fix it.

Oddly enough, the city may not have even gotten this sculpture if it weren’t for the artist’s divorce. In looking back this sculpture’s past, one also gets a strange snapshot of what divorce was like 40 years ago. Read more


Divorcing May Come With Health Benefits

Divorce can cause a lot of stress for separating couples. Many couples don’t divorce out of the blue either. There is often a period full of stress that precedes two people legally separating.  Scientists know that stress has adverse effects on the body and can cause individuals to neglect their health. However, a new study shows that men may be receiving hidden health benefits from negative relationships while women may experience the opposite.  Read more


Parental Alienation Is Getting Its Own Rally In Michigan

A lot can happen during a custody battle. Not only are parents wrapped up in their divorce, but they’re also competing over who gets access to their children. One parent may live in Grand Rapids while another wants to move out-of-state. During these disputes, parents sometimes resort to extreme tactics to maintain custody. These strategies can sometimes result in “parental alienation,” an issue that has lead to a rally later this month. Read more


Potential Effects Of Millennials On The Divorce Community

Making it through a divorce is no small feat. Separating from a spouse can leach a lot of emotional strength from a person. This can be particularly true for people who decide to stay at home to raise children. When a marriage ends, these parents may not have a job to sink their time into. However, there are many people who come out of their divorce with newfound insight and confidence. The JVS Trade Secrets event is an event that shares these stories of positivity to inspire people in Michigan. Although the event is geared towards women, the words of encouragement are universal.  Read more


County Clerk Helps Couples Strengthen Their Marriages

With divorce rates declining, couples seem to be finding new solutions to their marital issues. Those who have been married for a long time may seek couples counseling, or may try less traditional ways to refresh their love. Some opt to renew their vows and can now do so while supporting their local government. With the Pope’s new writing on divorce, couples have several ways in which they can view marital strife in the face of divorce.  Read more