Divorce Rates Drop Again

For the third consecutive year, divorce rates across the country have dropped. Recently published research by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research highlighted the decline. The overall divorce rate nationwide is now at its lowest point in the past 35 years. Read more


Exploring Depression in Relationships

There are many factors to maintaining healthy, lasting relationships. Along with maintaining a strong tie with your partner, there are countless external forces that can influence a marriage for better or worse. Likewise, there is a broad spectrum of reasons for divorce.  Read more


The Power of a Kind Gesture

Going through a divorce creates a unique set of challenges. Sometimes the process can be relatively quick, and in others it is drawn out with a wide range of factors involved. Finalizing the legal portion of the divorce is only part of that which the divorce entails. Read more


Exploring Marriage and Divorce Differences Between Genders

It comes as little surprise that, like with many things, there are plenty of differences in the ways that men and women view divorce and marriage. Divorce attorneys can anecdotally share trends they have seen throughout their careers. There are countless factors that lead to separation; common causes can vary geographically, even for places as close as Grand Rapids and Holland. One recently published article explored a number of these differences, citing larger studies that may prove true anywhere. Read more


Wrapping Up Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Grand Rapids area is finishing a busy month supporting awareness initiatives. Events throughout the month serve to honor victims, support those currently suffering from domestic violence, and raise awareness for community resources and preventative measures.  Read more


Divorce Later in Life Leaves Women Working Longer

Weathering a divorce has long-lasting effects on all parties involved. Along with the emotional costs, it can take some time to rebuild one’s financial security. A study from Boston College and Mathematica Policy Research finds that divorcing later in life can significantly impact the ability to retire. Based on the findings, women especially are less likely to retire early. Read more


Divorce Trends Toward Older Generations

Divorce rates across the board have slowly started trending downward. However, trends reveal an increasing rate for those over the age of 50. As recently as 1990, only 2.8% of people over 50 were divorced. Today, that number has reached 15%, with roughly a quarter of separations coming from the older generation. With more people falling in that age range, it is important to understand the trends and how they may apply to the Grand Rapids area. Read more


Homelessness May Be An Overlooked Side-Effect Of Divorce

After a divorce, couples are often able to fall back on their families for support; however, there are many families who are not able to seek or offer help. They may have had a tumultuous separation, or they may not get along with the people who raised them. Regardless of the reason, homelessness may become a reality for those that separate without a good support network. Read more


Health and Heart Concerns Become A Worry For Those Divorcing

An article recently discussed by the Science World Report reports a unique relationship between stress and divorce. The research gathered reveals specific ailments linked to divorce. Among these illnesses is heart disease.   Read more


Divorce and Mental Illness May No Longer Restrict Gun Purchases

A divorce can be stressful for couples. Many fight, and some may turn to violence outside of court proceedings. However, a man in Michigan won a case involving his divorce and purchasing a gun. The 6th Circuit for the United States Court of Appeals ruled this week that Clifford Tyler’s 2nd amendment right had been violated by the state. As Tyler’s case is sent back to Grand Rapids on remand, the court will have to decide whether or not they can enforce a lifetime ban on purchasing firearms for those committed to hospitals for mental illness.  Read more