After An Affair, State Rep Strives To Stop Surveillance Abuse

Michigan State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat’s extra-marital affair was highly publicized in 2015. The story of their misconduct reached many major news outlets and even appeared on HBO. After being exposed, Courser resigned from his office. Gamrat, however, was expelled from her position with the state. Now Gamrat is back in the news for accusing her husband of “surveillance abuse.” Read more


Battle Creek Woman Turns Divorce Into A Modeling Career

Raising six children can be tough. Divorcing with six children can be tougher. This was the case for Leah Keene of Battle Creek, Michigan. Keene, however, seized the opportunity to redefine herself. At age 42, Keene became a model, actress, and voice-over artist. 40 years later, Keene is still proving that fame is not limited to fifteen minutes. Read more


Is Divorce And Excuse For Embezzlement?

Shannon Schelling first got caught embezzling money in Mecosta County, north of Grand Rapids, back in 2003. She was again caught embezzling from a different West Michigan company in 2009. She is now on trial for a third case of embezzlement from a third company. The difference in her recent case is that she is now using divorce and child custody as a plea for leniency. Read more


Woman In Jail Asks The Internet To Help Pay For Divorce

Colorado is over a thousand miles away, but Holly Cogburn’s court case has a relationship to Michigan. She is currently in jail in Montezuma County, Colo., and awaiting trial for charges of child abuse. Cogburn has allegedly asked the Internet to help pay for a divorce from her husband, who supposedly still resides near the Michigan border.  One of the reasons she was denied bond in Colorado, however, was that she failed to appear in Michigan for a court date. Read more


Instead Of Facing His Divorce, Kentwood Man Commits Suicide-By-Cop

A decision has finally been reached regarding the fate of a cop who shot a suicidal man just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The prosecutor declared that the shooting was justified and done in self-defense. The events that directly lead up to this incident, however, are still up for debate. The victim had been discussing his divorce the night he was shot. According to his wife, however, the conversation had gone well. Read more


He Doesn’t Want His Kids Moving To Alaska, Despite Abuse Charges

Michigan’s Grand Traverse County Band has been facing a scandal involving a former Tribal Council member. Derek Bailey used to belong to the Grand Traverse County Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, but this fall he was accused of sexually abusing two underage girls. This led his wife to file for divorce and attempt to move to Alaska with their children. However, Bailey has made some accusations of his own. Read more


A Man Is Shot By His Pastor Over A Divorce Confrontation

In Detroit, Michigan, a pastor shot a member of his congregation during a Sunday service after the man attacked him. The altercation was allegedly caused over the victim’s recent divorce, which included accusations of infidelity. The incident led to the death of the church member and also unraveled a very messy case of questioned paternity and lost friendships. Read more


New Study Shows The Health Impacts Of Divorce On Family

As parenting becomes hands-off and kids grow older, a child’s problems become more complicated. A study recently released by the University of Michigan investigated how adult children affect their parents. The results of this study showed that problems like divorce can lead to the children of a separating couple to have stress-related health effects. Although this study is from the University of Michigan, its impact can be felt in West Michigan and across the country.  Read more